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READING RESP DISABILITY - Mairs describes the uncertainty...

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Reading Response “Disability” by Nancy Maries Mikhael Boedhi-Tjahjono In this superbly written essay, Nancy Mairs, a feminist writer who has multiple sclerosis, defines the term in which she will interact with the world. She would name herself as a “cripple” and not to be named by others. She will choose a word that represents her reality, and if it makes people “wince”, perhaps I want them to wince. She wants them to see her as a tough costumer, one to whom the fates/gods have not been kind, but who can actually face the brutal truth of her existence. However, Mairs believe that the word crippled is a more proper definition for her condition than other words like disabled and handicapped. These euphemisms for her condition causes people to view her as something she isn’t. Mairs believe that these words describe no one because “Society is no readier to accept crippled than to accept death”. She continues her story of multiple sclerosis and the hardships she endured.
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Unformatted text preview: Mairs describes the uncertainty of a (correct) diagnosis early on, the kind of person she was before, and how that has changed and not changed since her illness. She discusses her need for assistance, but balances that by saying that there are many people around her willing to help. Furthermore, she talks about her dependence on her family and how good her family treated her. Mairs hates that our society is obsessed with physical appearance and normality. She states that, "anyone who deviates from the norm better find some way to compensate." This shows that she believes that American society has high expectations. She ends the essay by stating how she is getting used to having MS and how she isn't sorry anymore that she is a cripple. Mairs is thankful for what she has and the people who help her in her life. Overall, she is proud of herself and has recognized that life is what one makes it to be....
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READING RESP DISABILITY - Mairs describes the uncertainty...

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