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Example Essay Mikhael Boedhi-Tjahjono Marketing Mix Marketing mix is probably the most famous marketing term. Its elements are the basic, tactical components of a marketing plan. It has four elements: there are product, place, promotion, and price. Organizations use these four elements of the marketing mix to make profit on the product or service they offer. The following will discuss the four p’s of marketing and describe how each one of these four elements of marketing mix impacts the developments of a specific organization’s marketing strategy and tactics. The first element is price, it is particularly the price compared to your competitors. This element is a vital part of marketing. Therefore, there are several possibilities pricing techniques, which I will explain about further on. The second element is product, it is a tangible object or an intangible service that is mass produced or manufactured on a large scale with a specific volume of units. This element also targeting the market and making the product appropriate to the market segment you are trying to sell into. The third element is promotion, it represents all of the
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NEW MARKETING MIX ESSAY - Example Essay Marketing Mix...

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