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Vocabulary two Assignment 1. Momentum: a impelling of a force or a strength. Momentous: A very great significant, outstanding in importance. Example: Deciding to drop a bomb in Hiroshima is a momentous event. The car momentum carried it off the road. 2. Ramification: The act of separating into branches. Example: The court decision has many momentous ramifications. 3. Juxtaposition: The act of positioning close together. Juxtaposes: The act of positioning side by side for a comparison. Example: Juxtaposed pictures often lead to an artificial. Example: It is the result of a juxtaposition of contrasting colors.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Apposition: A grammatical relation of a word and a noun. Example: Rudoplh the brown-nose deer is an example of apposition. The growth of the plant is by the deposit of successive layers of fertilizer. 5. Tantamount: Equivalent, or being equal to something. Example: It was as good as gold. It was as bad as sin. 6. Paradox: A statement that contradict itself. Paradoxical: Seems contradict itself but nonetheless possibly true. Example: It is paradoxical that standing up is more tired than walking. I always lie is a paradox....
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