Suprise Paper - instructors gave me Not like in high school...

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Mikhael Boedhi-Tjahjono, L00519043 Suprising Entry Essay Stephanie Boedhi-Tjahjono Writing 115: TTR 12.00-1.50 DR. K. Shull 12-1-2011 First time being in LCC The first time I arrive in Eugene, OR was on fall 2009. At that time I went right away to LCC to see what my school looks like. I found out that this school is quite big. But, however, I found out that there were quite lot weird people. I would have to describe them weird because I saw them in some strange cloth, and maybe some mentality problem. Furthermore, after the fall term began, I met with the international advisor name Colby Sheldon, she was a nice woman to talk about what major should I be getting, and especially when she was talking in the orientation for all the international students. I could understand everything that she said, since English is not my native language. Moreover, after went it to all classes on my first term, I found out all the instructors were also nice, they explained everything so clearly, and I felt freedom that the
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Unformatted text preview: instructors gave me. Not like in high school where the rules were so strict. But, there was also one instructor that was not good, he was my WR 115 instructor, he thought that every student in his class is still high school. They expect student to bring a doctor letter whenever they got sick. I got sprained ankle at that time, and he couldn’t believe me. Even I was asking him if he wants to see the picture of my leg, he still resist not to see. I felt the medical in US way too expensive compare to my country which I decided to just let it heal by itself. So I don’t need to go doctor and check it up. In conclusion, LCC is a fun place to go school, but in some conditions it makes it is not a pleasant school, but I still like this school so far. Many instructors are effective in their teaching and it makes the class more fun....
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Suprise Paper - instructors gave me Not like in high school...

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