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1. The thesis in mini essay is “fall is the best season and all leaves and flowers are colorful”. The character is leaf. “The special leaf was small, lip shaped, and a mix of deep orange and brown color”. The thesis in “38 who saw murder and did call the police” is people don’t dare to tell police the truth because they don’t want to get involved. 2. There are two suggestions are useful for me, one is “use the end and beginning of sentence to highlight ideas”. Another one is “put the main meaning of the sentence in its subject and verbs” I like these because is very helpful in writing, and it gives reader clear main points. For example in article “the composition ….” The first paragraph “has your m16AI rifle ever jammed in class what would you do if it did?” confronted with a large group of hostile students; your action would have to be immediate and decisive. They could have much bearing on your future. That is a good example of the ideal, very clear
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Unformatted text preview: and bring reader begin to think and want to know what is about in article. 3. In the article “they are all angels” “the sweet smell of baby lotion is in the air as I enter my daughter’s room” they use body lotion it makes reader when they read is like the really feel the smell of a body lotion. 4. Denotative, connotative. “no matter what, love can’t be stopped”. “Making these marriages legal or not won’t stop male lovers and female lovers from living together and expressing this eternal affection. One of the contributing factors of the wreck was my mental condition. 5. In the essay “battered wives breaking the cycle” on the first paragraph, “battering is an extremely touchy subject that many don’t know how to handle; because of this, people are uniformed and neglect to give the issue the direct attention and action it deserves” it states that it has the cause of the battering....
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