Open paper - playing around with it like drifting or even...

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Mikhael Boedhi-Tjahjono, L00519043 Open Paper Stephanie Boedhi-Tjahjono Writing 115: TTR 12.00-1.50 Dr. K. Shull 12-01-2011 It is all about my life! Firstly, I would introduce myself; I am an international student from Jakarta, Indonesia. I came to US to pursue my education to a better one. My parents paid my school here way too expensive so I have to make them proud of me and proud of my grades. Now, I would like to describe all about myself! My passion is going to gym, when the first time I arrived in US, my weight was 230 pounds, and I decided to lose my weights and build more muscle. It needs commitment to go gym every day until the day now I finally achieved my goal. My peeves is when someone tell me about their wealthy but they actually not their wealthy, or more likely saying they trying to show off what they actually don’t have. My favorite food is Chinese food. I am an Indonesian but born as Chinese because my grandfather and grandmother originally from China. My hobbies are playing game, anything about cars from detailing them, to
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Unformatted text preview: playing around with it like drifting or even going to drag event. My favorite color is yellow because it turns out that yellow is a beast color for car! I like hiking too and do most of the sports like basketball, tennis, and badminton. I like dogs, especially my dog back in my country, it’s a golden retriever and his name is buddy! He’s 9 years old now and still so cute and energetic. Moreover, I am a business major with concentration in entrepreneur and might taking marketing as my minor. I love business major especially trying to solve cases like why inflation happens, or why business can experience lost or even profit. It is so fun to analyze them and trying to find out how to solve it. Lastly, the unique quality of me is I am a twin. But unfortunately I am now separated with my twin because he has to take law major back in my country. I think that’s all about me....
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Open paper - playing around with it like drifting or even...

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