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Mini Essay 2 - they don’t get any participation point for...

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Mikhael Boedhi-Tjahjono/L00519043 Mini Essay Writing 115 TTR 12.00-1.50 Dr. K. Shull 1-2-2011 High School versus College Everyone deserved a good education in their life. To achieve a good education, they have to attend both high school and college. Most people think that high school and college have something in common, although I find them to be very different. After I graduate from high school in my Country, I enroll into college in United States and noticed that they are many differences between them. To begin with, there are many ways in which attitude from a high school teacher and a college professor is different. In high school, it seemed to be stricter and they always remind you of any of incomplete homework. Those teachers were so responsible for making sure that all the students obeyed these rules and have their fully responsibility to the work given by them. However, in college it’s the student responsibility to come to class. If a student chooses not to come to class or skip the class they usually just marked as “absent” and
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Unformatted text preview: they don’t get any participation point for the day. Some college teachers believe the students should be mature enough to make their own decision on whether to attend class or not and leave it to them to make that decision. Moreover, the attitudes of students in high school and in college also has a significant different between each other. While attending college I notice more students have the attitude that they are in college because they want to be. In contrast, when I attended high school I noticed many students had the attitude that they only attended class because they had to by law or because their parents insisted they attend. High school and college are very important in the educational processes because often one cannot get a good job without a well-developed education. This education frequently comes from having a high school diploma and a college degree. Although high school and college carry some of the same features; they also have several differences between them....
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Mini Essay 2 - they don’t get any participation point for...

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