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Dear Dr K - was high school I went to International School...

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Dear Dr K, My goal as your student in WR 115 is to show you my academic skill of my writing skill. However, it seems not rude if I haven’t introduced myself, so my name is Mikhael Boedhi- Tjahjono. I am an international student from Indonesia which my parents sent me here to get a better knowledge in business industry. My major is a business major with a concentration on entrepreneur and might be as well taking a minor in marketing. However, it is not everything, I am a little brother of my 2 older sisters, and I have a twin. Unfortunately he couldn’t go to US with me because he is taking a law major back in my country. Furthermore, this writing class is my second time I take this class, I failed last time just only because I had accident which gave me a really bad sprained ankle and the professor couldn’t believe me and he gave me absent for it. I suppose to get B in my last class and because I didn’t go to class for 2 and half weeks he gave me D. In the other hand, the first time I wrote in English for essay was at the time when I
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Unformatted text preview: was high school I went to International School and had to write lot of business essays. It included analyzing, case study, and etc. I love to write anything about business, to discuss some case, even to argue with someone that has a different opinion with me. At that time, my writing wasn’t this good because I kept on learning how to be a good writer which not in my native language. So I decided to take TOEFL IBT, the first time I took it I got score 70, and I felt not satisfied so I kept on learning which gave me the result of 90 and I keep learning until now. My target on my TOEFL IBT is above 100; I will take the test again probably this summer and hoping I can achieve my target goal. I think that’s all about my writing experience and about me. I look forward to have a good pleasant class and a good teacher just like you. Sincerely, Mikhael (541) 525-2015 [email protected]
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