Guidelines for Senior Design Projects

Guidelines for Senior Design Projects - Electrical and...

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Stony Brook University Guidelines for Senior Design Project (Fall 2010-Spring 2011) Version: 10/15/2010 Students in senior design projects are required to submit the following: 1. ESE 440/ESE 441 Reports (two separate reports); 2. an oral presentation in which each member of the team must speak; and 3. a poster. Students are also encouraged to participate in additional opportunities : LISAT, DARE, Mentoring Panels, and URECA. The following provides more details of each of the above item. For ESE 440/441 reports , a specific report format must be used. Please see attached report format and grading guidelines. Of all the required sections, please make sure the report address the following: 1. System Design – significant design content involving realistic constraints, design criteria, and/or standards must be a major part of the project. Reports must address: Design Constraints, Design Considered and Final Design . Data measurements alone cannot be considered design. 2. Multidisciplinary Issue – students must address this issue in one or more of the following ways: a. multidisciplinary team experience: how the team work; challenges, rewards, success, failure, assuming different responsibilities, milestones, etc. b. how the project can be applied or has an influence in a non EE/CE area; c. how the project utilizes knowledge from different areas (single-person project); d. how the project fit in a larger project . 3. Professional/Ethnical Issues – discuss professional or ethical issues related and/or considered in this project. 4. Impact of Project on Society and/or Contemporary Issues – discuss possible impact on society and/or contemporary issues. For oral presentation , each team must make a public presentation in which all members of the team must speak by the time they complete ESE 441. Some teams will participate in mentor panels or class presentations. Please make arrangement with your teams to make an oral
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Guidelines for Senior Design Projects - Electrical and...

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