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Stony Brook University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ESE 440: Engineering Design I Fall 2010 Instructor: Wendy Tang Office: Light Engineering Room 231, 632-8404 Office Hrs: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12 noon – 2 pm; or by appointment. e-mail: [email protected] Course Guidelines Course Components : There are two components of this course, a project component and a lecture series component. For the project component , students are organized into small teams, each of which completes a design project under the supervision of an Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty member . The project lasts for the entire academic year, however, separate grades are earned for each semester. Two written project reports must be submitted by each team. Each student is also required to set up an E-Portfolio about their project. One for the first semester (ESE 440) is an Interim Technical Report on the project. A Final Report on the project must be submitted for the second semester (ESE 441). Both reports must follow the ESE 440/441 report guidelines (available under “Course Document”). Descriptions of projects are available under “Course Document”. Students majoring in Computer Engineering are encouraged to take a computer engineering project or a multidisciplinary project with a computer engineering component . Students in Electrical Engineering are advised to take a project appropriate for their corresponding tracks or a multidisciplinary project that requires their expertise. In the
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ese440_guide_print_version - Stony Brook University...

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