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Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation Guidelines - Also present any results...

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Oral Presentation Guidelines: 1. Presentation Time Single person group is expected to make presentation for 10 minutes. Groups with multiple persons are expected to make presentation for about 5 minutes per person. That is, 10 minutes for a team of two students, 15 minutes for a team of three students, etc. 2. Presentation Content Title Slide: Project Title, Names of Team Members; Advisor’s name. Outline Slide: Itemize what will be presented. In general, each powerpoint presentation should roughly be divided into 3 parts: Part I is an introduction (the goal and objective of the project and some background information). Part II is the technical aspect of the project. Describes technically the approach, use diagrams and pictures; bullet points; avoid complete sentences.
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Unformatted text preview: Also present any results, accomplishments or problems encountered. Part III is the concluding section. Summarize overall accomplishment, escribes impact of the project to scientific community; to society; and present any suggested future work further improvements, etc. 3. Presentation Style Do’s: • Look at audience • Speak clearly slowly • Use pointers to point • Look at the screen to refresh what you need to talk about • If you are nervous, walk around a bit will help you relax Don’ts • Put your head down to look at notes or computer at all times • Speak too fast, rush through presentation • Stand rigidly and begin shaking...
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