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Capstone - Capstone Knowing different styles of wr it ing...

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Unformatted text preview: Capstone Knowing different styles of wr it ing techniques is very important. I t is i mportant not only for school but for any career. However, it is important to know the d ifferent styles. Writing a paper for your school or business is completely different t han wri ting a letter to a friend. Knowing the difference can alter the way your career plays out. One technique to remember knows your audience. You need to k now who you are speaking to. The tone is the way you can control that. An example would be if you are going to wri te a business letter to someone i t would be vital to p ut your address and contact information on it. This will show who you are and how you can be contacted. If you did not place this on the letter, how would they get ahold of you? Techniques such as that are what will make or break your paper, job r esearch, or your career in general. I have learned a lot with this course. I plan to use what I have learned and apply it not only to my other courses, but also with my career. Knowing different writ ing techniques will help to get me great grades as well as promising future career. ...
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