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fu" D 1) In the serine phosphorvration reaction catarped by cycrin-dependent kinase, *" "*,* a activated as a nucteophir6 tnrougn d;piot"nliil-n iiirprzz. a) Do you anticipate that the pKa^of Asp127 in cdk is higher or rower than the pKa of free aspartic acid in water? Explain. tg ptsl o-""r'v''cr L^ o - 'e!'*'ty' ,,.kq,o,3R"=-Q,,.JL 41n+- i-otl ' llro 5 As,''l)? -/'-c; r Ht' q6+Uc a45,^rr5i F"" +t ^u.1.n.s^ ]o rnrk ., As7lt'l -nl,nf Shrt o,'l JV,l''^f,J. o\ v'^'lJ Q/y.,.l *{e^ ll-l Aa-n+[-u' ;"{^*,) n'lLo(N" g1u:l'("*1 *1" kt is 1",.71-, ""J +L pka .> l**,. Av n] - dP-o rads l- 1# *, ^{,<. h l"k +L Pn/^ {,^n *'' -TL^{. . , Asrla+- llo,l !, $uu'd 1#r' kq ;s /u*'t ".1 h t)<q ;s 1.,.t1",. l ily3fi'l?tsHff:ttffi would vou anticipate are nearbv in the structure to sive rise to this 'fo b;s- *l- pKn, o^- u^rU q*4 o' fie,1^*'*1,1 .ln).J An?.n" Ac.l *^, \1 (Asf :, G i_) , fl" nn,l.* cL1_ e1o''ll 67.1" o"t e1.,4,, r|".f. . fcpls,.^ *{.1 vtr.l) J.:h("1. .a" o As lr? t-,o- Biocl00B Winter 20ll Midterm #2 kr q. po5, U'",lt c(fr t T- f,t,l* C11- ,' alr rnL h^, + 5 h (. I .-]. R) f" lr*r- +L q,,1in, u{;J Vo,llt U4. 4sr lrt fk^, rft "/o -tJ Q47, "l rwLt (t/'.,s,4,7, L. ls ), o {^rrr*t). olr.}.sl^ l..t a t.
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Biocl00B Winter 20ll Midterm #2 Name: 2) Consider a baclerial enzyme (E) that converts a subsfate (S) to product (p) in an essential metabolic plthway. lmagine you are a scientist at a pharmaceuticai companyand are trying to develop an inhibitor (l) for this enzyme to use as an antibiotic. You collect the following initial rate data: lsl pM ve (pM/min) ill= o pM vq (pM/min) []=1 pM 1 L,7 0.7 2 2,9 1.1 5 5.0 2.0 10 6.7 2.7 20 8.0 3,2 50 9.1 3.6 100 9.5 3.8 200 9.9 3.9 a) What type of reversible inhibitor is l? Explain your
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MT2_key_2011 - Biocl00B W inter2 0ll Midterm#2 1 In...

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