Amphibolic Pathways

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Amphibolic Pathways (Catabolic Reactions) 1) Lipids (Fats) break down into fatty acids and glycerol. a. Fatty Acids break down into Acetyl CoA through a process called Beta Oxidation. b. Glycerol breaks down into glyceraldehyde. 2) Polysaccharides break down into glucose. a. Glucose breaks down into glyceraldehyde. b. Then Glyceraldehyde breaks down into pyruvate.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Then Pyruvate breaks down into Acetyl CoA. d. Then Acetyl CoA breaks down into the kreps cycle. 3) Proteins break down into amino acids. a. Amino Acids break down into either pyruvate or the kreps cycle. A Catabolic reaction is breaking it down. Anabolic reaction (going up) can also happen to the pathways....
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