DA6 - Appraising Employee Performance Taking time to review...

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Appraising Employee Performance Taking time to review your employees is important to their success and the success of your company. Follow these tips for developing effective appraisals. By Dr. David Javitch | October 3, 2005 Business owners have been evaluating the performance of their employees for as long as businesses have existed. But not all entrepreneurs take the time to review their employees, and even when they do, the reviews are often done in a haphazard way or on an irregular basis or are instigated only after a negative action on the part of the employee. These type of encounters are rarely productive because they usually only afford the boss an opportunity to "get something off their chest." A performance appraisal can be a powerful tool for any entrepreneur who wants to get the most out of every encounter with their employees. So why is this process important and how can you best use these sessions to your advantage? First, a regularly scheduled feedback session--whether done quarterly or annually-- gives your employees a planned and anticipated opportunity to address key issues with you. It also provides a time for you to interact with your employees one on one to evaluate their strengths, limitations and growth potential. Third, this conversation serves as the time to discuss potential financial rewards and promotions , which can be a source of increased job interest on the part of your employees. If promotion isn't an option at this time, you can outline the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for
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DA6 - Appraising Employee Performance Taking time to review...

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