South and Southeast Asia

South and Southeast Asia - South and Southeast Asia before...

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Harappa, Pakistan, 2000 BCE Miniature red-sand-stone torso of nude male figure Polished surface of stone and curved body reveal canon of fluid movement instead of anatomical structure of Greece 6.4 Nude Male Torso Steatute seals with incised designs, similar to stamp seals of Mesopotamia Boss, circular knob to fit a string, impressions on clay Horned geadress and three faces among the animals that appear alone on other seals (yogic posture) Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan 6.5 Seal with Yogic Figure Sanchi, India Earth and rubble dome about 50 feet high Stupa = grand circular mound modeled on earlier South Asian burial mounds, but not shown like Christian relics, buried and not to be entered Buddhists walk around in a clockwise direction to emphasize harmony with the cosmos 6.7 Great Stupa At East Gate of the Stupa Fertility and vegetation, make mango trees flower, their pose was later used to represent Queen Maya giving birth to Buddha 6.8 Yakshi Pakistan Carved in gray schist, shows Budda dressed in monk robe in yogic posture Palms upward with the gesture of meditation, very similar to Greco- Roman art both is treatment of body forms and togalike cloth 6.10 Meditating (Seated) Buddha - Gandhara Style India, Kushan Empire Portrayal of Yaksha, powerful males carved from red sandstone Yogic posture, raises right hand palm outward 6.12 Seated Buddha - Mathura Style India Soft-bodied Buddha, perfect body and spirituality Eyes Downcast in meditation and wheel turning gesture, preaching first sermon in clinging robes Popular and became the norm of Buddha statues 6.13 Seated Buddha - Gupta Style
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South and Southeast Asia - South and Southeast Asia before...

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