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Quiz 1 study guide - Quiz 1 Thursday, February 17, 2011...

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The man is not depicted as realistic versus the animal which is depicted as natural Man, penis is shown Is there a story being told? May be knocked over or attacking the bison, what is the animal staff represent At other locations, other animals are found bears, panthers and predators ~15,000 BCE 1.13 What do we know about the Rhinocerous, wounded man, bison? Events that occurred, but the myth is the basis of religion What is the importance of the mythology? Large breasted and hipped with a generalized head Small hands, most are 4-6 inches carried in the palm Fertility, limestone 28,000 BCE Willendorf, Austria No facial features common among paleolithic 1.5 Venus of Willendorf? Free standing/Round - no base, may stand on its own Relief - attached to a back plane, carve away from the backstone What are the two types of sculptures? Attacked to backplane, high degree of naturalism and relief Cracks from the drying process of applying unbaked clay 15,000 BCE France 1.7 Two Bison? Made of mammoth ivory, 1 foot tall, lion with a body of a man, mythological fusion Hohlenstein-Model 30,000 BCE 1.4 Human with the feline head? Pigments , ground ochers into powder and mixed with water Used palettes 22,000 BCE 1.10 Spotted Horses/hand prints Naturalism in the animals, use on depth perspective by Found in back far of caves probably ritualistic controlling the animals 15,000 BCE 1.11 Hall of Bulls Lascaux Caves, France Pigments Auroches Horses and Rhinoceroses Overlapping animal horns, one horse or many horses? 15,000 BCE 1.12 Animals of Chauvet Cave Use of metallurgy as a designation Development of towns and villages, Jericho, oldest known human settlements Neolithic Culture(8000/4000 - 2300 BCE) Made up decorated plaster, painted over, large figure, people would go to him Human heads found, plastered and painted, worship of the head possibly ancestor 1.15 Human figure Quiz 1 Thursday, February 17, 2011 12:11 PM ARH 101 Page 1
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Quiz 1 study guide - Quiz 1 Thursday, February 17, 2011...

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