Egypt - Egypt Wednesday 4:37 PM Lecture Topic D uring the...

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Lecture Topic: During the lecture, take notes here. Insert a sub-page for each lecture topic. Old Kingdom and New Kingdom Unification of Kings, dynasties are within kingdoms Egypt is part of two regions, lower and upper egypt, but the river flows opposite so the lower is the upper part and the lower part is the upper Temples to god will be on East side to the rising sun Egypt 3500-3200 BCE Pigments Naturalism, stick figures of humans contrasted to the animals Mural found in tombs Resembles the stick figures found in neolithic Likely a funerary scene Heraldic group of compositional style 3.2 Predynastic Tomb Wall Paintings 3000 BCE Palette = stone slab with circular depression (end of predynastic beginning of OK) First king of Egypt, pictorally recognized of lower and upper egypt Ready to behead one of enemies and surveying the dead on other side All kings born of Horus, hawk god, also composite view (registers) The hawk is standing on papyrus The intense sun of Egypt, eyes are marked by pigment 3.3 Palette of King Narmer Start as pictures and then transition to writing After Greeks and Romans, knowledge of hieroglyphs disappears
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Egypt - Egypt Wednesday 4:37 PM Lecture Topic D uring the...

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