Ancient Greece Paintings

Ancient Greece Paintings - Greek Paintings Thursday, March...

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Marked the grave of a man, an urn possibly Angular motifs and bands Greek Meander pattern Different registers with man shown with penis and women with breasts to depict sexes Revival of storytelling 5.2 Geometric Krater Possible orientalizing of the period Registers recalling the organization of geometric vases Black-figure painting, painted black and then incised details 5.5 Corinthian black-figure Amphora Made by Exekias Black figure, style No invention of linear work by Greeks but there is the attempt to portray space and background to the work Calm before the storm, archaic preference of dramatic action, both hold spears ready at a moment's notice Patterns of the cloaks and the composition of black-figure painting 5.21 Achilles and Ajax play Dice Made by Euphronius Red figure style Idea of foreshortening, the depiction on angles to show things as closer to the person, Herakles is angled towards the viewer, creating
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