Ancient Greece More Architecture

Ancient Greece More Architecture - celebrate Athena...

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Statues adorned all Metopes and decorated under Phidas Also 524 foot Ionic frieze 5.45 Diagram of a Sculptural Program, Parthenon Marble East Pediment depicted the birth of the goddess, and the right is Herakles The west depicted the patron god of Poseidon vs. Athena Designed by Phidias Mastery of clothed forms and the naturalism of muscle and human form 5.48/49 Figures from the East Pediment sculpture, Parthenon Metope from Doric Frieze of Parthenon Centaur attacking over a defeated Greek Marble 5.47 Battle Scene Details from Ionic frieze of the Parthenon 3 pieces of art, only 1 shown Represents the parade given every 4 years Parthenon celebrated Athenian citizenry and Athens as much as it did
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Unformatted text preview: celebrate Athena, pretentious? ○ Marbles ○ 5.50 The Panathenaic Procession Classical era ○ Porch of the Maidens ○ The maidens who carried bounty of the acropolis ○ In the round but not free-standing ○ Classical style ○ South porch replaced Ionic columns ○ Structural column and flexibility to represent the body ○ 5.54 Caryatid from the Erecthion Athena grabs the hair of Alkyones while Nike goddess of Victory crowns her ○ Power violent movement and warfare ○ Marble ○ From the altar of Zeus at Pergamon ○ 5.79 Athena battling Giants Lecture Topic: Greek Architecture Thursday, March 03, 2011 5:14 PM ARH 101 Page 1 ARH 101 Page 2...
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Ancient Greece More Architecture - celebrate Athena...

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