Ancient Greece (Architecture)

Ancient Greece (Architecture) - Ancient Greece...

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Lecture Topic: 4 Categories Geometric and Orientalizing Archaic (900-600 BCE) Archaic 500 CE BCE Classical 480-323 BCE "Golden Age" Late Classical/Hellenistic (323 - 30 BCE) Art of Greece Close to the megaron Proportion and ideal forms Simple core theme with complex variations derived from it, model for later temples Plan of Typical Greek Periptal Temple The centerplace of Athens, the masterwork was the Athenian Parthenon Delian League became a pseudo-Athenian empire because of all the tribute being paid to fight off the Persians Pericles stole the money to construct in Greece 5.42/5.43 The Acropolis of Greece Athena battling Giants an d Poseidon drops his trident Ionic order and made of marble Olive tree, Athena's tree The Erechthion Built by Itkinos and Kallikrates hybrid of different Ionic and Doric elements Victory of Athena Orientation, enter from western and proceed to eastern sides Friezes along the Parthenon, cult sculpture east to rising sun
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Ancient Greece (Architecture) - Ancient Greece...

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