Understanding Native Americans (2)

Understanding Native Americans (2) - Understanding Native...

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Linear Still dominated by the dominant culture Dynamics between whites and Native Americans Circular philosophy, the totality of nature and man Native What are the 3 ways to study Native Americans? The relationship between objects and trying to understand Listening while seeing and understanding that object, in a participant to the person that is speaking Seeing and Listening What is the two part process of Indian Thinking? The basis of native american oral tradition and history Transcends time, a timeless moment as it is being shared What is the storytelling process? Share traditional knowledge Confirm native identity and history, lessons in morality and telling experiences of people Transcends time bringing traditions and knowledge in hopes of those listening to act similarly, each listener becomes a part of them and part of the next generation Native American history = experience emotions, colos, sounds, people comes alive again transcending past present and future, time
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Understanding Native Americans (2) - Understanding Native...

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