The Arctic People (2)

The Arctic People (2) - Diamond mines and potential Social...

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Lecture Topic: Clothing, Anorks/parkas, holding children Biology - short stocky, large chest BMR 33% higher than normal Gender Role - Male head of household, Female infanticide, polyandry/gyny, high rate of male suicide Kinships Political Autonomous Sewing Ula - women's knife Shaman - Requires insight and specialized training Females: Healers and fortunetellers Males: spirit mediums Healing rituals sought to seek out transgressions of taboo What are the different ritual purposes of the Inuit? Talking of god but through allegory and cultural ideas Spread of Christianity How did Syncretism affect the Inuit? Decline in fur trade from animal rights 1980s, resurging
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Unformatted text preview: Diamond mines and potential Social: High HS drop-out rate, drug abuse, domestic violence, suicide, bad housing Psychological: traditional shift to Canadian settlements Religion: 1940s shift to Christianity What are the contemporary modern issues of the Inuit? Martin Frobisher, Baffin Bay 1576 John Ross, 1829-33 Netsilik Inuit Robert E. Peary 1886-1909 Greenland Eskimos Minik taken from home in Greenland to be studied and adopted by Peary Who explored the Arctic? Title Wednesday, March 16, 2011 5:40 PM ANT 203 Page 1...
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