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ANP 325 Primate Taxonomy

ANP 325 Primate Taxonomy - Primate Taxonomy Tuesday 12:45...

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Prosimians = Tarsiers, Lemurs + Lorises Anthropoids = Platyrines, Cercopithecoids + Hominoids Anthropoids vs. Prosimians Two Main Hypotheses of categorization (differs on placement of Tarsiers) Lemuridae Indriidae Cheirogaleidae Lepilemuridae/Megaladapids Daubentonidae {Aye-Aye} 5 families confined to Madagasgar Strepsirhines: Lemurs (5 families in Madagasgar) 5 Genera: {parentheses indicate only member} Lemur {ring- tailed lemurs} Eulemur Haplalemur (bamboo lemur) Prolemur (bamboo lemur) Varecia (ruffed lemurs) Lemurids (1st Family) Partly terrestrial, diurnal Female matrilines form core groups Multi-male/Multi-female groups Lemur Catta {Ring-tailed Lemurs} Only species Diverse group, cathemeral, sexually dichromatic, small groups and monogamous Blue eyed Eulemur Specialized to eat bamboo, specialized for different parts (such as stem or branch) H. Aureus eats shoots with high conc. of cyanide Haplalemur and Prolemur Produce litters that are parked in nests while the mother forages Females have 3 pairs of nipples Infant care provided by multiple individuals Varecia Vertical clingers and leapers 3 Genera: Indriids (2nd Family) Lecture Topic: Important Points: Primate Taxonomy Tuesday, February 08, 2011 12:45 PM ANP 325 Page 1
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3 Genera: Propithecus (sifaka) Avahi (woolly Lemur) Small family groups, <9, pair bonded Indri others are multifamily groups Indri 5 Genera: Microcebus (mouse lemur) Cheirogalus (dwarf lemur) Allocebus (hairy-earred dwarf lemur) Mirza (giant mouse lemur) Phanur (fork-marked lemur) Cheirogaleids (3rd Family) Solitary, nocturnal foragers, Matrinline (overlapping home range with mother, matrilocal) Form larger troops at sleep Double body mass during wet season
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