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ANP 325 Primate Diets

ANP 325 Primate Diets - Primate Diets Thursday 12:49 PM...

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Lecture Topic: Frugivorous Folivory Gummnivory - tree sap Gramnivory - seeds (Gelatas baboons) Insectivory Tarsier only primate faunivore Faunivory - animal matter not specifically insects Dietary Categories Ingestion Digestion Absorption Defecation 4 Activities of GI system Folivores: Sacculated stomachs loenlarged colon Frugivores: Relatively unspecialized gut Faunivores: Elongated small intestne Association between GI and Diet Protein in stomach Lipids in small intestines Mono,Di and Poly Carbs Vitamins and Minerals (micronutrients) Digestion of major nutrients Energy and critical for growth and regeneration Requirements are greatest during growth and reproduction 3 Major Sources, Leaves, Insects and Meat Young leaves are the best and have least amount of secondary plant defenses Protein Most highly concentrated energy Insects/animal matter and seeds Neurotransmitter levels Lipids
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