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Computer Upgrades Survey 1. Which of the following factors do you believe to be most important when deciding to purchase a computer? A. Cost B. Product Review C. Performance D. None of the Above 2. Which of the following computer companies do you believe is most reliable? A. Gateway B. Apple C. Hewlett Packard 3. When was the last time you chose to upgrade your computer? __________ 4. What was your reason for this upgrade?____________ 6. Describe the qualities for your ideal computer: 7. Describe your frustration (if you have any) in regards to your computer: 8. Please mark an X on the following scale to indicate the reliability of your computer at the moment.
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Unformatted text preview: Very reliable Somewhat Reliable Not very Reliable Very Unreliable 9. Which of the following operations do you think is most dependable on a reliable computer? (rank items from 1 to 5): ____ New Software ____ User Productivity ____ Database Queries ____ Data Entry ____ Customer Communication 10.) Which of the following hardware would you like to see replaced on your machine (check all that apply): ____ Monitor ____ DVD Burner ____ Memory Space ____ Processor ____ Keyboard, Mouse, etc...
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