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Criteria for formal business report

Criteria for formal business report - Overall Preparation...

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Overall Preparation of the Report 1. Allow 1.5 inch left margin, 1 inch right margin, top and bottom margins 1”. 2. Use no contractions or slang or abbreviations. Use third person and impersonal tone throughout (no I, me, my, we you and your, etc.) Document Sources According to the MLA System 1. Alphabetize at least six (6) objective secondary sources in the works cited page, at least one (1) must be from online source and the works cited must include your survey. The sources should be recent (past 8 years) and relevant. MLA style is required, this means alphabetic, hanging indents, etc. 2. Include at least six (6) in text citations from different sources, one must be a quote. Correctly present parenthetical notes in body report. (stark 45) 3. You must use in text citations every time you reference your survey (stark, survey) Prefactory Parts 1. Provide all necessary information on the title page (see page 400) 2. Include the name and identification of the recipient.
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