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1. The Earth is approximately a sphere of radius 6.37 million meters. A). What is its circumference in Kilometers? B). What is its volume in cubic Kilometers? 2. A Cord is a volume of cut wood equal to a stack 8.0 ft long, 4.0 ft wide, and 4.0 ft hight. How man cords of wood are in a volume of 1.0 cubic meters? 3. A room is 20.0 ft and 2.0 inches long and 12.0 ft 5 inches wide.
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Unformatted text preview: What is the floor area in square meters? If the ceiling is 12 ft 2.5 inches above the floor, what is the volume of the room in cubic meters? 4. Antarctica is roughly semicircular, with a radius of 2000 km. The average depth of the ice layer is 3000 m. How many cubic centimeters of ice does Antarctica contain? (Ignore earth’s curvature)....
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