Week 3 A1 DQ2 - Week 3 A1 DQ2 Diverticula are small...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 3 A1 DQ2 Diverticula are small abnormal pouches in the lining of the colon or either the large intestine, which bulges outward through weaken walls. Several of these pouches together are called diverticulosis. If these pouches become inflamed or infected, this can lead to diverticulitis. People on a diverticulosis diet are to increasing the amount of fiber intake, which can help prevent complications such as diverticulitis. Fiber is known to help keep stool soft and lower the pressure inside the colon. Foods that contain a high fiber, for example are: whole grain breads and cereals; fruit like apples and pears; vegetables like peas, spinach, and squash; and beans such as kidney beans and black beans. Physicians recommend people with diverticulosis should avoid food with nuts, seeds, popcorn and corn; for fear that food could enter the sac and irritate the diverticula. People with diverticulitis on the other hand are required to be on antibiotics and be on a clear liquid diet for the first three...
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