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“The scent was so heavenly fine that tears welled into Baldini’s eyes. He did not have to test it, he simply stood at the table in front of the mixing bottle and breathed. The perfume was glorious. It was to Amor and Psyche as a symphony is to the scratching of a lonely violin. And it was more. Baldini closed his eyes and watched as the most sublime memories were awakened within him.” (Suskind 85) In this passage, Baldini tests Amor and Psyche, the perfume that Grenouille just mixed, and Baldini’s youth is revitalized. Suskind uses literary devices to highlight Grenouille’s replica of Amor and Psyche and to foreshadow Baldini’s revitalized business plans such as exporting perfume to the rest of Europe. This passage is a turning point in the novel for Grenouille is first recognized for his olfactory talents by someone significant. This passage also portrays his rise in social status for he now is going to work for one of the best perfume maker in Paris. Grenouille’s first inevitable success in mixing perfume changes
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