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Perfume Commentary 2

Perfume Commentary 2 - Perfume Commentary Nick Cheng In...

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Perfume Commentary Nick Cheng In this passage, Suskind has guided the reader the “fatally wonderful scent” Grenouille encounters “from the building across the way”. This is the scent that has shaped Grenouille’s ultimate passion and goal of his life. Suskind has used third-person narrative to guide the readers through the process of Grenouille dissecting the scent; Suskind has integrated literary devices such as metaphor, oxymoron, repetition, hyperbole, syntax and diction to convey the feeling of smelling the endless scent, making the scent beyond and difficult to capture In the first sentence, Suskind sets the mood to guide the reader though the smells by using the phrase “floating to him”. Readers will note that the “odors” are “floating to [Grenouille]”, he is not smelling or sensing it. The word floating has a connotation of Grenouille passively sensing or smelling the scent. Without acknowledging the readers that Grenouille is dissecting the smell, Suskind begins to
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