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Page 50 Notes of Wide Sargasso Sea

Page 50 Notes of Wide Sargasso Sea - 3 rd...

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Page 50 Notes Nick Cheng 1 st paragraph - Antoinette asks Helene how to do her hair to be like Helene’s but no matter what she does, it wouldn’t look the same -a new young nun from Ireland looks in water for her dimples; Antoinette noticed and thought she would always dislike her 2 nd paragraph -Helene, Germaine and Louise look nice and pretty all the time; “if we were never envious, they never seemed vain” -Louise never took part in the vanity- small waist, thin brown hands, high sweet voice
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Unformatted text preview: 3 rd paragraph-mentions about another saint but not sure where she is- Italy or Spain?-“…and my mother, whom I must forget and pray for as though she were dead…” 4 th paragraph-no one spoke of Annette since Christophine had left the to live with her son-seldom saw stepfather; seemed to dislike Jamaica, Spanish Town and was often away for months...
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