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Molina's character

Molina's character - -feminine not afraid to admit he is...

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Kiss of the Spider Woman Molina’s Character Analysis -pays detail attention and cares about physical appearance and beauty; “She looks fairly young, twenty- five… like with cats.” Pg. 3 -believes in monogamy; “I’m in love with a wonderful guy and all I ask is to live by his side for the rest of my life.” Pg. 44 -oversensitive; “Look, its just the way I am, I’m easily hurt by things.” Pg. 28
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Unformatted text preview: -feminine, not afraid to admit he is gay; “They’re mostly brutes, but I like them” pg. 29 “And what’s so bad about being soft like a woman?” pg. 29-gentle mind, wants care; “No, because he’s a gentle type, and understanding.” Pg. 17-good cook; “You’re a good cook.” Pg. 27-oversensitive; “But don’t act like that, you’re oversensitive…” pg. 29-in jail for abuse of minors...
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  • Spring '11
  • English-language films, Human physical appearance, physical appearance, Spider Woman Molina, wonderful guy

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