Madness - Madness Bi-products of devil Simple jobs were...

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Madness - Bi-products of devil - Simple jobs were given and were allowed to beg for money - Mistreated (physical appearance skewed the views of the public) - Aztec - Disabled people were caged in - Inca - were more lenient on disabled persons (had rights to get married) - The Poor Laws – designed to bring order in social and economic turmoil held in societies - Canada – families with at least one disabled child during 19 th century, society considered them as works of the devil and outcasts (often treated like caged animals) o Parents would chain up or lock up the children in the rooms, given little education, frequently beaten to a point of death, and given little food o Forcibly sterilized (to prevent reproduction) - Germany (Nazi) – disabled people were first targeted during the holocaust o Operation T4 - euthanasia program on institutional mentally - Japan – disabled treated with hatred, prejudice, shame and were also demonized as
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