Kiss of the Spider Woman- Chapter 5

Kiss of the Spider Woman- Chapter 5 - Kiss of the Spider...

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Kiss of the Spider Woman Chapter 5 Notes -Molina is sick; he doesn’t eat anything -Valentin starts to care more about Molina and the relationship improves; “Molina, why not ask to go to the infirmary? Maybe they could give you something, so you would get better.” Pg. 96 -but Valentin refuses to talk to Molina and continues with his studies; “I have to keep up with my reading schedule, you know that.” Pg. 96 -Molina gets mad and sensitive since Valentin chooses to ignore him and the two of them gets into another argument; “Don’t be unfair, don’t talk to me in that tone. Sorry. Enjoy your studying.” -Molina thinks of a story to himself (in italic and written in phrases); a young servant goes to work in the middle of the woods, a young man and his fiancé comes and live in the house, they leave and the man
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