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Kiss of the Spider Woman- Chapter 6

Kiss of the Spider Woman- Chapter 6 - Kiss of the Spider...

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Unformatted text preview: Kiss of the Spider Woman Chapter 6 Notes-now, Valentin is sick and is having the same stomach cramps Molina had-Valentin refuses to go to infirmary because he is scared that he might get addicted and they might force confidential information out of him- “It happened to one of our comrades, they got him hooked on it, and that softened him up and completely broke his willpower. A political prisoner can’t afford to end up in an infirmary, ever, you understand?”-Molina is a lot more sympathetic to Valentin; he tells the story of a young driver-Molina’s story touches on the subject of political science and Valentin takes note of it- “…so he would drift away from those hotbeds of political activity among the leftist students, because the kids was studying political philosophies in Paris.”-the story resembles Valentin’s life to an extent; for eg. Valentin is a leftist and his father is against it and his mother never approved his ideas-Molina’s narration includes a lot of uncertainty; he has a hard time recalling many settings and events...
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