Kiss of the Spider Woman- Chapter 4

Kiss of the Spider Woman- Chapter 4 - but you can drive...

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Kiss of the Spider Woman- Chapter 4 Notes -Molina continues the story of Leni and her German officer and their affair at the island -Valentin picks up the details of the garden in the story and comments that it is a German garden in Saxon for he has studied architecture before- “Because the French gardens use lots of flowers, and even though the arrangements are geometrical they tend to be much more causual-looking. That garden sounds German, plus the film was obviously made in Germany…” pg. 76 -Valentin is also interested in art and believes art is not just for women- “And by the way, art’s not just something for women.” Pg. 76 -theme of escaping from reality becomes significant: “…because I’m locked up in this cell and I’m better off thinking about nice things, so I don’t go nuts, see?. ..”, “That you’ll let me escape from reality once in a while, because why should I let myself get more depressed than I am? Otherwise I’ll go nuts…”, “…it’s true you can end up going nuts in this place,
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Unformatted text preview: but you can drive yourself crazy but from alienating yourself, It can become a vice, always trying to escape from reality like that, its like taking drugs or something. Because I mean your reality isnt restricted by this cell we live in. pg. 78-Valentin pays attention to only the propaganda of the film, not the plot- It interests me as propaganda, thats all. In a certain sense it serves as a document. Pg. 79-Valentin is an atheist- You atheists never stop mentioning God pg. 79-Molina taken to wardens prison. Foreshadows something since he gives excuses, feels nervous; moreover, he gets more rice; could be signs that Molina is an undercover spy-Molina has stomach pains- Like stabbing pains but really sharp all over my stomach pg. 85 this leads to closer development in their relationship- Not at all You should have gotten me up earlier, Molina. Pg. 86-theme of patriotism and loyalty is also brought up in the Nazi film...
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