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Nick Cheng IB A1 Daw Khine D-Block How does Kincaid provide support or refutation of Fanon’s statement in this text? (ambivalence or self-loathing; support or refutation) Kincaid supports Fanon’s idea that ambivalence is a psychological state that pervades the colonized consciousness. In the opening passage of the third section, Kincaid “asked [her]self: Is the Antigua I see before me, self-ruled, a worse place than what it was when it was dominated by the bad-minded English and all the bad-minded things they brought with them?”. (Kincaid 41) This clearly shows that Kincaid’s ambivalent attitude towards the colonizers. Kincaid also questions if the library, the education or the culture in Antigua could have been better if Antigua is still under British rule. Immediately after questioning herself, Kincaid talks about the library. In the old days, the library is filled with “beautiful
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