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Passages from the Text Page And so you needn’t let that slightly funny feeling you have from time to time about exploitation, oppression, domination develop into full-fledged unease, discomfort; you could ruin your holiday. They are not responsible for what you have… one hundred examples #10 [R, E] In this quote, Kincaid discusses the effects of exploitation, oppression, and domination on the island Antigua. Although Kincaid presents the concept and effects of colonialism here, she does not intend to “ruin your holiday”. This style of writing is present throughout the chapter; Kincaid points out facts that a tourist fails to notice and leaves open ended questions for the readers to think about. It can be argued that she has used rhetorical device as a strong literary device throughout the novel to bring up issues that does not concern a tourist but is worth thinking about. The “funny feeling” she wants to gain access to is the reader’s conscience. By bringing up the issues of colonialism (exploitation, oppression, domination), Kincaid has successfully raised the question of corruption. It can be argued that Kincaid blames the corruption in Antigua as an effect of colonialism. Everyone in Antigua is aware of corruption, yet no one seems to know what to do about it. The Antigua that I knew, the Antigua in which I grew up, is not the Antigua you, a tourist would see now. That Antigua no longer exists. That Antigua no longer exists partly for the unusual reason… But let me show you the Antigua that I used to know. #23-#24 [R, E] This is the opening passage of the second section of the novel. Kincaid argues that tourists cannot see what a native Antiguan would see. She has set the mood of the second passage of the novel; she reveals to the readers of “the Antigua that I used to know.” It can be argued that Kincaid believes the British implanted the concept of corruption in the minds of the Antiguans. Kincaid has cleverly used verbal irony in this case- although Antiguans witnessed the racial discrimination, they do not recognize such actions as a bad act and it never seemed to affect the way Antiguans viewed the British colonists. Again, ironically, the Antiguans can only recite the names of the Queens and the dates only in the language of those who enslaved and oppressed them.
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A Small Place Quotes - Passages from the Text Page Comments...

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