Rhetoric - 1 Rhetorics and Stereotypes Class: Informal...

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1 Rhetoric’s and Stereotypes Class: Informal Logic Ms. Naomi Sanderovsky Laura L. Root February 13, 2011
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Rhetoric and Stereotype Essay “Stereotyping can be a deliberate or an unintentional generalization; an assignment of a negative or positive attribute or attributes to any group of people. It is a tool used to persuade others to a cause.” (Greene, 2009) Typecasting one person as a group is not only judging someone unfairly, but it is also the Ad Hominem fallacy known as poisoning the well. Poisoning the well is the attempt to discredit in advance what a person might claim by relating unfavorable information about a person. With this said, stereotyping is the same thing as the Ad Hominem fallacy. “There are many diverse groups of people who are being stereotyped every day in our society. Politicians, people with tattoos, feminists and senior citizens are a few groups of people commonly facing stereotypical generalizations.” (Mihalko, 2002) It is very easy to see how these four basic groups, with whom we have interaction on almost a daily basis, are being stereotyped. In some cases, this can lead to the formation of unfavorable opinions which can lead to discrimination. Politicians are an abused lot in our society. They are termed as cheaters, liars, corrupted and as one of those people who will say and do anything to get the votes. Also, we are made to believe that once they win, they completely forget all their campaigning promises. When you say the word
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Rhetoric - 1 Rhetorics and Stereotypes Class: Informal...

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