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CBT Important 2 marks - including the case where neither...

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Distinctions between RMI and CORBA RMI is part of the JSDK and is an API that supports remote method calls and returns for distributed computing applications. It assumes that the Java programming language is used by both the caller and the called method. CORBA is an industry-wide standard for allowing remote method calls and returns, but unlike RMI, it can be used when the caller and the called method use different programming languages,
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Unformatted text preview: including the case where neither side uses the Java language. RMI is a simpler API because knowing that both sides support the same language and machine architecture makes the remote method call problem an easier one to solve. The JSDK provides support for RMI-CORBA, which allows a Java object to call a CORBA object using two different approaches. We will discuss this topic later in the tutorial....
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