company command BOOK REPORT 2

company command BOOK REPORT 2 - ATSJ-MPB-T-B 26 NOV 03...

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ATSJ-MPB-T-B 26 NOV 03 MEMORANDUM FOR Small Group Leader, ATTN: SFC LEASURE, MPOBC 6-03, US Army Military Police School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 SUBJCET: Book review of COMPANY COMMAND the bottom line 1. Reference. Company Command : The Bottom Line, by John G. Meyer, Jr. Major General, USA, Published in Virginia by Byrd Enterprises, In. in 1996. 219 pages. 2. Recommendations. a. Recommended Audience. The book was written primarily for a Platoon Leader and in coming Company commanders. The content is written for any unit, regardless of mission, and applies equally to command in Active, Guard, and Reserve units. b. Recommended Actions. First and foremost, the Company Commander must lead by example. All subordinates should understand what is expected of the base on the actions of their leaders. The entire morale of the command is formed and sustained by the actions of its leader (Commander). The Company Commander should be strict, however fair. Compassion and understanding for the soldier is the Commander’s most valuable asset. The Commander must have a clear vision of the future by publishing his expectations and goals and making them known to everyone in the company. The Commander should also use his resources in order to exceed in his command. The book includes a list of personnel and published resources useful to the commander for many specific situations. A well informed commander is a more effective commander. A commander acknowledges the work and accomplishments of his soldiers in order to motivate them and increase morale. He establishes a system of recognition publishes it and carries through by awarding good, hardworking troops. A commander should be strict yet compassionate in dealing with situations and soldiers that are less than exemplary. The book outlines specific options to choose in assisting soldiers to “soldier back”. A commander should
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company command BOOK REPORT 2 - ATSJ-MPB-T-B 26 NOV 03...

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