titles of a few past research essays

titles of a few past research essays - Following is a...

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Following is a selection of titles of a few essays submitted for Econ3720 and Econ3730 in recent years. The information value of the titles varies a lot, as you see. I am not saying that any particular essay was a good one, or that it remains a good essay topic. With these caveats, however, I can offer the list as examples of the kinds of topics undertaken previously. Possibly some people will find it useful. KI Africa Women and the Transalantic Slave Trade Smallholder African Cocoa Farming in Ghana Impacts of the Slave Trade on the Balanta Region The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade: Economics vs. Morality Slavery and the Slave Trade during the 19th Century Sudan The Legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: Europe and Africa The ‘Other” Oil – Nigeria’s Palm Industry in Decline Dispelling the Victimized Portrait of West African Players: an Understanding of the Marginal Costs and Benefits of the Atlantic Slave Trade Mining and Racism: The Role of the Emergence of the Diamond and Gold Mining Industry in South Africa A Formative System of Underdevelopment: Oscillating Labor Migration Amongst the Batswana British Imperial Policy, African Agricultural Production and the Myth of the Second World War as a Watershed in Kenya The Colonial Origins of Urban Segregation in South Africa Economic Development in East Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Liberalization Policies in Tanzania and Kenya. An Economic Perspective on the Fall of Apartheid Early Gold Coast Cocoa Production: An Indigenous-led Industry Asia The Japanese Economy in the 1970s – The Oil Crisis Unravelling the Fabric of ‘Deindustrialization Theory’ – The Fate of the Handloom Industry in Colonial India
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Japanese Industrialization Under the Meji Restoration and its Relevance as a Development Model Confucian Principles and the Chinese State British Rule in India’s Economic Development The Indian Cotton Industry in the 18th and 19th Centuries and a Reversal in the Net Balance of Cotton Trade with England The Caste System of India and Economic Growth Colonialism, Agrarian Mobilization and State Development: A Comparative Analysis in Kerala and West Bengal Can an Ideology Initiate Economic Change? A look at the role of Confucian values in China’s post-medieval economic decline Critical Analysis of 18th Century China’s Food Security Policies Fortunes of War: Japan’s Economic Recovery after 1945 Grameen Bank: Providing Economic Security for the Women of Developing Countries The Role of Government in the Economic Development of Taiwan
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titles of a few past research essays - Following is a...

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