The Case Method - (be specific create a scenario Grammar(10...

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The Case Method - A rational, logical, decision making process September  11, 2008 Case – decision making What is a Case? A real-life business problem Apply theoretical concepts to an actual situation Develop decision-making skills Case Format Executive Summary (5 marks) Assumptions Problem Statement (15 marks) satellite problems/ central problem(s) implications on the organization implications on the personnel September 16, 2008 Alternative Solutions (50 marks) balance sheet form (Advantages, Disadvantages) Recommended Solution (5 marks) restate, dealing with central problem Implementation (15 marks) immediate; short-term (3 – 6 months); long-term (6 +months) 
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Unformatted text preview: (be specific, create a scenario) Grammar (10 marks) Key Factors When Preparing Are my assumptions reasonable? Do I really understand the problem? Have I looked at all viable alternatives? Is my decision realistic? Does it proceed logically from my assumptions? Have I outlined reasonable methods as to how my solution can be implemented? Step by Step Summary Read case a minimum of 2-3 times Make any reasonable assumptions List all of the apparent problems Determine the Central problem What alternatives are available? Make a recommendation Implement the recommended solution...
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The Case Method - (be specific create a scenario Grammar(10...

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