Managers and Managing

Managers and Managing - ManagersandManaging Sept9,2008

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Managers and Managing Sept 9, 2008 Definition of management is working  with  and  through individuals  and  groups  in order to  achieve desired  goals . Managers have to understand the individuals, unique, what motivates. Manage group  differently. Goals are a long-term desired result. Objectives are steps to reach those goals. Managerial Functions – planning, organizing, leading, controlling Organizational Functions Accounting, finance, operations management, Human resources management, marketing Process of Management – synergy everything is inter-related. Vision = Mission (purpose) (philosophy) – economy- law-environment-technology-market  demand, political, social, ethical 1) Mission-lead to goals (long-term)-objectives (short-term steps to goals) 2) Goals – (reasonably attainable) (challenging) (specific)-measurable (meaningful) (tie  into culture) (time frame) (set by people responsible in achieving them)
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Managers and Managing - ManagersandManaging Sept9,2008

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