Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management - • Thinking Skills •...

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Human Resources Management November 18,  2008 Managing the Most Important Asset – People Typical Organization Training (expensive) Employee Benefits (dental, health benefits) Counselling (confidentiality) Wage and Salary Administration Labour Relations (Canada Post on strike) Employee Selection (recruiting) Recruitment Word of Mouth Government ( qualifications and government cross references with resumes on  database, giving candidates) Private College/ University (recruiting cycle, businesses come of campus and look for students  to hire) Ads (newspaper ads) Professional (Associations) What do Employers Want Today? Communication Skills Ability to understand and to speak Ability to listen and learn Ability to read and to write
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Unformatted text preview: • Thinking Skills • Positive Attitude • Self Confidence What Employers Want • High Standard of Personal Ethics • Sense of Responsibility • Ability to plan and manage time, money, and other resources • Ability to Adapt to Changes • Teamwork Skills • Conference Board’s National Business and Education Centre Selection Process • First Contact (walk in; mail in) • Application Form • Interview (widely used selection tool, bias made immediately) • Reference (professors, networking) • Tests • Physical Exam (insure mentally and physically capable of handling the job) • Employment Resume • Personal Cover Letter • Typed • 1-2 Pages Maximum • Action Verbs (what did you achieve, accomplish)...
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  • Spring '08
  • Private College/ University, Salary Administration Labour, People Typical Organization, government cross references

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Human Resources Management - • Thinking Skills •...

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