A Doll - A Dolls House | Act I, Act I HELMER: [calls out...

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A Doll’s House | Act I, Act I HELMER: [calls out from his room]. Is that my little lark twittering out there? NORA: [busy opening some of the parcels]. Yes, it is! HELMER: Is it my little squirrel bustling about? NORA: Yes! HELMER: When did my squirrel come home? NORA: Just now. [Puts the bag of macaroons into her pocket and wipes her mouth.] Come in here, Torvald, and see what I have bought. HELMER: Don't disturb me. [A little later, he opens the door and looks into the room, pen in hand.] Bought, did you say? All these things? Has my little spendthrift been wasting money again? NORA: Yes but, Torvald, this year we really can let ourselves go a little. This is the first Christmas that we have not needed to economise. HELMER: Still, you know, we can't spend money recklessly. NORA: Yes, Torvald, we may be a wee bit more reckless now, mayn't we? Just a tiny wee bit! You are going to have a big salary and earn lots and lots of money. HELMER: Yes, after the New Year; but then it will be a whole quarter before the salary is due. NORA: Pooh! we can borrow till then. HELMER: Nora! [Goes up to her and takes her playfully by the ear.] The same little featherhead! Suppose, now, that I borrowed fifty pounds to-day, and you spent it all in the Christmas week, and
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A Doll - A Dolls House | Act I, Act I HELMER: [calls out...

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