BIO 210 exam 1 review

BIO 210 exam 1 review - BIO 210 Exam#1 Review CHP 24...

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BIO 210 Exam #1 Review CHP 24: Evolution by Natural Selection Key concepts o Evolution = change in allele frequencies of populations and species over time o Natural selection = when individuals with certain alleles produce the most surviving offspring o Adaptation = genetically based trait that increases an individual’s ability to produce offspring in a particular environment Constrained by trade-offs, genetic and historical factors o Evolution by natural selection not progressive doesn’t change characteristics of individuals that are selected individuals don’t evolve changes only the characteristics of population change the next generation populations evolve, individuals adapt intro o Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace Start of evolution Species have changed through time Proposed natural selection Plato and Typological thinking o typological thinking based on idea that species are unchanging types variations within species are unimportant or misleading based from Plato claiming that every organism was created by God and they were unchanging Aristotle and the Great Chain of Being o Great Chain of Being Created by Aristotle Ordered the types of organisms in linear scheme Fixed sequence based on increasing size and complexity Humans on the top of chain Popular in scientific and religious circles 2 claims species are fixed types some species are higher (more complex/better) Lamarck and Evolution as Change through Time o 1 st formal theory of evolution published
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simple organisms originate at base of great chain of being by spontaneous generation and then evolve by moving up chain over time o inheritance of acquired characters individuals change in response to its environment then pass on those changes to offspring o not fixed o correct idea, wrong mechanism o Change in species through time doesn’t follow linear, progressive pattern o Based on variation among individuals in populations
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BIO 210 exam 1 review - BIO 210 Exam#1 Review CHP 24...

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