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PHYS 110 Final Exam - PHYS 110 Final Exam Study this first!...

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PHYS 110 Final Exam Study this first!!! Final will focus mostly on energy 1 st long problem o chp 10 and 11 o Use conservation of mechanical energy to solve problems. know how to use conservation of energy in combination with other techniques and principles Ex: problems that use conservation of energy for some parts of the dynamics, and conservation of momentum for other parts (e.g. collisions) good examples of this type on HW7a and HW7b, and some of the practice mock exam problems for Exam 2 that we ended up skipping o Use conservation of system energy when there are also dissipative forces (e.g. friction) good example problems of this type on HW8, and on the mock final problems o directly apply the work-kinetic energy theorem to solve a problem o use the above material in problems that also involve kinematics and dynamics from exam 1 and 2 material . Ex: the mock problem about chug-chug swinging on a vine uses conservation of momentum and energy concepts, and also circular
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