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Harmonic motion X(t) = Acos(√[k/m]t) for position of the mass at any given time, frequency period T X(t) = A when √[k/m]t = 0, 2π, 4π, etc (when cosθ = 0), when t = 2π√[m/k] For frequency f = 1/T = (1/2π)*√[k/m] Waves Continuous motion that moves along a plane = disturbance propagating through space and usually transfers energy For each point on the rope, it moves in all directions of one period of the wave Series of compression = repetitive force pushed on a wave causing a repetitive wave for the particles??? Causing dense (particles are gathered) and less dense (particles are more
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Unformatted text preview: spread out) areas EX: sound wave Longitudinal wave = type of wave where direction of disturbance is the same as the direction/along same axis as the direction in which the wave is traveling, AKA compression wave Tranverse wave = the disturbance/movement of the medium is going in the direction that is transverse to the direction of the movement (wave moves to the right but medium is moving up and down) EX: string...
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